If any person/distributor etc placed online order and made the payment online in the account of the company, then he/she can ask for the refund of money from the company subject to following conditions:

  • The person who placed the order and made the payment to the company is illegible for 100 percent refund within 2 days after payment and before raising the invoice and dispatching the goods.
  • That after raising the invoice and dispatching the goods, the person who made a request for refund will be entitled for refund of 80% amount paid by him/her within 15 days from raising the invoice.
  • That no person can ask for refund from the company after expiry of 17 days from placing the order with the company and it is made clear company will not return the money or exchange the product.
  • If any person made a request for return of his/money after receipt of goods within 17 days from pacing the order, he will return the goods to the company in unused and intact condition as delivered by the company, in case any discrepancy has been found in the goods, than the company will not accept the goods and company will not return any amount.