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What is Internacia India Marketing Pvt. Ltd.?

Internacia is a company that operates on a direct selling model and offers a wide range of fashion and lifestyle products to consumers in India a private company that was registered under the Companies Act, 1956. Internacia aims to create a platform where people can achieve their dreams and become successful entrepreneurs. The company has own manufacturing unit with name Angular Fashion India. Internacia is dedicated to improving the lifestyle of individuals in its extensive network of distributors and consumers, and is committed to helping people achieve their dreams.

How can you contact Internacia?

You can contact us through Chat, Email or via our registered number between 9:30 am - 6:00 pm from Monday to Saturday
Chat with us: Login into your account through your FCID and select chat option.
Call Us: 9818316371, 18005723406 and 9319355906
Email Us:,

Does Internacia comply with the Direct Selling Rules of 2021?

Internacia acknowledges and fully adheres to the Consumer Protection (Direct Selling) Rules of 2021, as published by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution in the Official Gazette on December 28th, 2021. This includes any amendments, modifications, or new legislation enacted by the Government of India. Internacia has meticulously incorporated all the guidelines, rules, and requirements mentioned in the Direct Selling Rules to ensure compliance.

Can you provide information on Internacia's internal compliance policies?

Internacia has an Internal Compliance Team responsible for ensuring proper and effective corporate governance. The team ensures that Internacia complies with all external regulatory and legal requirements, as well as internal policies and bylaws. By detecting and preventing wrongdoing, the Compliance Team helps Internacia move from a reactive to a proactive compliance approach.
Regarding Independent Seller Partners/Distributors, Internacia has the following internal compliances in place:-

1. Video Verification: This process confirms the KYC details of the distributor and ensures they fully understand Internacia's business model. It also ensures that the distributor is aware that Internacia does not provide them with any job opportunities.

2. Grievance Redressal Team: The team investigates problems or issues raised by any Independent Direct Seller/Distributor and provides impartial resolutions. The Grievance Redressal Team is available on all working days from 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM.

3. Online Compliance Team: The team tracks any unethical activity against Internacia by insiders or outsiders. For example, fake job postings in the name of Internacia, fake articles or negative videos posted against Internacia. The Online Compliance Team helps remove these posts, articles, or videos from cyberspace.

Is Internacia a Pyramid Scheme?

Internacia is not a pyramid scheme. It strictly follows the Consumer Protection (Direct Selling) Rules issued by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution in 2021. It is important to note that pyramid schemes are not legal in India. However, direct selling businesses are often misunderstood and unfairly labelled as pyramid schemes, particularly on social media.

Internacia provides Job Opportunities?

Internacia exclusively offers business opportunities as a direct sales company. We do not endorse or encourage anyone to misinterpret or misrepresent it as a job opportunity. Our core values revolve around ethical business practices, which we promote within our community as well. You can refer to our website ( ) to learn more about our principles. We take strict action against any distributor found promoting fake job postings, and we ensure that they are held accountable for their actions.

Does Internacia allows Refund/Return?

Internacia has a Refund and Return Policy that allows all distributors to request a refund within 15 days of their product purchase, starting from the day the invoice was generated until the 15th day, as stated in the Refund Policy. We will process the refund to the original source account, so we recommend that you make payments using your own account.

Can you explain why Internacia has been referred to as fake or if it has been mistaken for something else?

Our business model is often misunderstood as our products are not sold in physical stores. This can lead to false assumptions about us. However, we are committed to working hard to ensure that everyone involved with Internacia has a positive experience, and we strive to run our business ethically.

What action does Internacia take against unethical activity by any distributor?

Internacia conducts a thorough investigation in case of any unethical activity. If a distributor is found guilty, we immediately disable their FCID, regardless of their rank, after conducting an internal enquiry and considering all aspects in this regard.

Why do people post negative information about Internacia on various social media platforms?

We are one of the most well-known businesses in our industry, but despite the many success stories of people who have made it big, some of our distributors have faced challenges in climbing the ladder to the top. Unfortunately, this has led to some negative feedback about us. However, over the years, we have also received a lot of positive attention. Most of our distributors have had a positive experience with Internacia, but we understand that owning a business is not for everyone.